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Nominácia Basagić





Identity and Location


Name of the documentary heritage:


Basagic´s Collection of Islam Manuscripts (later only Basagic´s Collection)




Slovak Republic




Slovak Republic




Michalská 1, 814 17 Bratislava


Name of oraganization or institucion:


Univerzitná knižnica v Bratislave/The University Library in Bratislava



Legal Information




The state - Slovak Republic


Custodian (name and contact details):



The University Library, Michalská 1, 814 17 Bratislava
phone +421 7/ 53 33 247, 53 34 958
fax +421 7/ 53 34 246, 53 34 958
Jozef M. Rydlo
phone +421 7/ 53 33 11 51 (ext. 261)
Anna Polievková
phone/ fax +421 7/ 53 34 958



Legal status

  1. category of ownership:
  2. details of legal and administrative provisions for thr preservation of the documentary heritage:
    Provisions for the preservetion of the documentary heritage are guaranteed in the University Library by the Library act no. 53/1959, supplemented by regulations of the Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic no. 2783/73, registered in Acts no. 29/1977 and 25/1983.
  3. accessibility:
    As arising out of the Statutes of the University Library and above mentioned Acts the documentary heritage is like the whole stocks of the library available to the public. For the reasons of protection and security specila documents of great valueare available only for study in the study room.
  4. copyright status:
    The University Library Bratislava and authors

Responsible administration

  1. The proper management of the documentary heritage
The University Library Bratislava.


The whole of the archives is professionally compiled and restored. There are two catalogues available:
BAŠAGIĆ, Safvet beg: Popis orijentalnih rukopisa moje biblioteke. In: Glasnik Zemaljskog muzeja u Bosni i Hercegovini, 28, 1996, 207-209. (Separatni otisak iz GZM. Sarejevo, Zemaljska štamparije 1917.)
BLAŠKOVIČ, Jozef - PETRÁČEK, Karel - VESELÝ, Rudolf: Arabische, turkische and persische Handschriften der Universitätsbibliothek in Bratislava. Bratislava, Univerzitná knižnica, Vydavateľstvo Slovenskej akadémie vied 1961. 551 pp, XXII tab.




Description and inventory:


Within the holdings of the University Library the comprehensive and unique collection of works of Bosnian scholars (15. - 19. cent.) and scientific works of Islamic cultural heritage is     contained. There is great number of hitherto uknown works written by Bosnianscholars in it. Apart from those the collection contains several very valuable manuscripts of Islamic cultural heritage.


Bibliographic/ Registration details:




The base of the Safvet beg Basagić´s library (approximately one third) was the family book collection established by his father. The rst of it he himself has been searching for purchasing  throughout the wole former Ottoman Empire in the course of 30 years. In 1924 he sold his collection of manuscripts and printed books to the University Library in Bratislava. Dr. Safvet beg Bašagić was the most significant connoiseur of Bosnian Muslim culture and literature in 19th and 20th centuries. He wrote several books and papers on these topics, which stayed unequalled up to this time and became an important resource for scholars studying Bosnian culture in later period (M. Šabanovic, Jan Rypka, Jozef Blaškovič, Karel Petráček, etc.) Dr. Safvet beg Basagić (1870-1934) graduated as a doctor "ex linguis islamicis" from the University of Vienna, where he had stadied at Joseph von Karabacek, the world foremost specialists in Arabic paleography of his time. Afterwards Bašagić was appointed as a Professor of Islamics at he Universtity of Zagreb and since 1919 to 1927 he had been working as a director of the "Regional Museum" in Sarajevo. He himself had professionally processed his collection (see 3.2.) and utilized in his synthetic works on Bosnian Muslim culture (see 3.4.).

3.4 Bibliography:

BAŠAGIĆ, Safvet beg: Bošnjaci i Hrcegovci u islamskej književosti. Prilog kulturnoj historii bosne i Hercegovine. (Basnians and Hercegovinians and their Islamic Book Heritage.) Sarajevo 1912.
BAŠAGIĆ, Safvet beg: Književni rad bosensko-hercegovačkih muslimana. (Written Literature of the Bosnians and Hercegovinians.) Sarajevo 1913.
BAŠAGIĆ, Safvet beg: Znameniti Hrvati, bošnjaci i Hercegovci u turskoj carevni. (Famous Croatians, Bosnians and Hercegovinians in the Turkisch. /Ottoman/ Empire.) Zagreb 1931.
BABINGER, Franz: Die Geschichtsschrieber der Osman und ihre Werke mit einem Anhang. Leipzig 1927. ENCYKLOPEDIA JUGOSLAVIJE. I. Zagreb 1995. s. 145.
PETRÁČEK, Karel: Bratislavskaja kolekcija arabskij rukopisej i ee značenie dľa izučenja kuľtury musuľman Bosnii. (the Bratislava Collection of the Arabic Manuscripts and its importance for the Study of Islamic Cultural Heritage in Bosnia.) In: Problemy Vostokovedenia, 1960, č. 3. 137-140.
BLAŠKOVIČ, Jozef: Islamské rukopisy v knižnici Slovenskej Univerzity. (Islamic Manuscripts in the Library of the Slovak University.) In: Z bratislavských knižníc. Sborník k 30. výročiu Knižnice Slovenskej univerzity. Bratislava 1950, 77-85.
RYPKA, Jan: Sbírka arabských, perských a tureckýych rukopisu v Universitní knihovně v Bratislavě. (The Collection of Arabic, Persian and Turkish Manuscripts in the University Library in Bratislava.) In: Prúdy IX, 1925, 184-198.


Names, qualifications and contact details of independent people or organizations with expert knowledge


about the values and provenance of the documentary heritage:


PAULÍNY, Ján, PhD., Assoc. Professor of Arabic Literature and Islam, Dept. of Arabic Studies, Faculty of Arts Comenius University
Gondova 2, 818 01 Bratislava
phone +421 7/ 32 36 17
fax +421 7/ 36 60 16
E-mail: sd a phil.uniba.sk
Prof. Dr. KOPČAN Vojtech, CSc.
Institute of Oriental Studies
Slavak Academy of Sciences
Klemensova 19, 811 01 Bratislava
phone +421 7/ 32 63 21


4.      Management plan

Basagić´s collection apart from the fact that it contains unique sources worldy Islamic culture, after the fire of National Library in Sarajevo, has become also the solitary and rare collection of documents of Bosnian Muslim literature.

Concept and procedures in developing projects within Memory of the World programme are based on methodical materials of UNESCO and with regard to the experience of the National Library in Prague, with we cooperative. We have been consulting also representatives of Albertina ICOM Company Prague. The University Library is considering the possibility of setting up its own centre for digitization of rare documents. Costs assessment: 3,5 mil. Sk (cca USD 110.000,-).

The University Library is a state budgetary institution financed by state. The budget covers all costs for main activities of the library, including costs for preventive preservation by storing, handling, conservation and restoration of old and rare documents. All of the Islamic manuscripts have been restored.

Unfortunately, the budget is not sufficients for special safeguarding and didgitization of the documents. The astemate budget for the diditization of the most valuable volumes from the Basagić´s collection (cca 2000 pages) and the production of a CD ROM is about 1 mil. Sk, i.e. cca USD 30 000,-. This is the amount which we would like to apply for at UNESCO in the case of support given to our project.

The manuscripts are kept in a special deparment of the University Library which is called Cabinet of old and rare printed books manuscripts. Storing rooms are eqiuped with metal shelves and permanent temperature (17 - 19 °C) and humidity of air (50 - 60 %) are being maintained there. The documents are prevented from the direct influence of light, windows of the rooms are covered with protective foils. Fire and security signalization is installed in the premises. The cabinet is separated from other storage rooms of the library by a matal shutter - fire-curtain. Cleaning - dust removing and desinfication of premises are carryied out regularly. Manuscripts are handled with special care and only when inevitable. their reproduction is limited, some reproduction technologies completely excluded. Manuscripts are available for study only in the premises of the Cabinet and in the presence of its staff.

In the complex preservation management plan oif the University Library a preservation plan of a speccific

stok of old and rare manuscripts and printed books is included also. Bašagić´s collection is a part of that stock. Preservation plan accepts and reflects strict demands for preservation of old manusscripts and printed books and so the library has been purchasing and modernizing its means of preservation by stages (depending on financial possibilities).



Assessment against the Selection Criteria


Bašagić´s collection of manusripts through its significance as a outstanding and comprhensive documentation of


Bosnian´s written literature in 16th - 19 th centuries reaches world-wide importnance. The collection is showing the history of Bosnia, Turkish state administartion and religious situation in Bosnia in
16th - 19th centuries. Apart from that it is a unique evidence of literary (prose, poetry) and scientific (Islamic theology, law, history, philosophy, Korans sciencis, traditions, Islamic mysticism) activities of Bosnian scholars. As a part of the Islamic cultural heritage the collection complies with the criteria of time, place, subject and social value.


The collection enriches the Islamic and world cultural heritage with written literature of Bosnian Muslim scholars.


writing in Arabic, Turkish and Persian languages. It is the most comprehensive literary monument of Bosnian cultural history.

5.3 The collection contains (see catalogue) autographs and unique pieces written mainly by Bosnian scholars. Besides 

those several rarity works by other Islamic authors, e.g. Logics (Kitáb almating), a unique complete manuscripts by al-Farabi (see catalogue, no 231, TE 41) or thus far the biggest famous manuscripts collection of Four-lined verses by Omar Chajjám (see catalogue, no 579, TE 23) and other precious works.

5.4 After the war in former Yugoslavia, as a result of which many important monuments of Bosnian culture and literaturr

have been damaged (National Library in sarajevo burnt out and some other libraries were damaged too) the collection represents a unique documentary heritage of pricelees value. No other as for subject integral collection of similar importance has been saved in the world.
The aim of the pilot project for the Memory of the World register is the preservation and safeguarding of the most important works of this collesction as well as making them available to the widest public.





Thorough consultancies were held with


a) b) the owner and the custodian of the collection
c) the Slovak Committee for the Memory of the World Programme






The University Library Bratislava in cooperation with the Slovak Committee for Memory of the World Programme


Relationship to the documentary heritage:


- owner - custodian


Contact person:


see art. 2.2.


Contact details:


see art. 2.2.



Assessment of Risk

- environmental and physical conditions are reasonable
- budget determined for the physical preservation of selected documentary heritage is a part of the total budget of the University Library and is fully covered by state.
Estimate budget for the digitization of the documentary heritage:
In a case that order will be given to a professional company the price for 1 page is cca 500,- Sk, i.e. 2000 pages x 500 = 1.000.000,- Sk = 31.000 USD,-.
In a case that the University Library will set up its own digitization centre the estimate budget is as follows:

  1. Digital camera Kodak DCS 460 M 2036x3060 pixel
  2. Equipment set for colour scanning
  3. Flashlight
  4. Computer for camera control Power PC MAC 9500 132 MHz, 64 MB RAM, 2 GB HD
  5. Computer for picture processing and completion and production of CD
  6. Tripod
  7. ( Authorizing and editing software)
    T o t a l (without 6 and 7) 3.500.000,- Sk. 

Expected capacity - 15.000 pages a year.
Calculated price per unit 1 page (picture is 90,- Sk).
Setting up of own digitization centre is profitable at 10.000 pages (pictures) a year.
Manucripts from the Bašagić´s collection represent a part of the stock of the cabinet of old and rare printed books and manuscripts of the University Library. Mostly they are used for study, scientific research and exhibition purposes. By their content they represent a valuable information resource for scholars interested in history and culture of Bosnia, history, culture and science of Arabic, Persian and Turkish countries.


Preservation Assessment



- Present physical state:
- History of preservation:
University Library purchased the collection of manuscripts in 1924. First the manuscripts has been professionally processed (see 3.2.). In the course of 60s all books from Bašagić´s collection were restored and located in specially protected rooms of the university Library - the Cabinet of old and rare printed books and manuscripts.
- Current preservation policy in relation to proposed nominated documentary heritage:
is guaranteed by the Library Act and State Care of Monuments Act no. 27/1987.
- Organization resposible for preservation:
University Library, Michalská 1, 814 17 Bratislava, Slovak Republic.



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