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Bratislavské Antifonáre


Part A - Essential information


1. Identity an Location
1.1. Name of documentary heritage:
  Illuminated codices from the Library of the Bratislava Chapter House
1.2. Country:
  Slovak Republic
1.3. State:
  Slovak Republic
1.4. Adress:
  Drotárska 42, 817 01 Bratislava
1.5. Name of organization institution:
  Slovenský národný archív (The Slovak National Archives)


2. Legal Information
2.1. Owner:
  State - The Slovak Republic
2.2. Custodian (name and contact detailes):
  The Slovak National Archives, Drotárska 42, 817 01 Bratislava
 Phone +421 7/580 11 78, 580 11 81, 580 11 83, 580 11 85
 fax + 421 7/580 12 47
 PhDr. Marta Melníková, phone 580 12 14
 Ing. Jozef Hanus, CSc., phone 580 11 89
2.3. Legal Status
  1. category of ownership
    state - public
  2. details of legal and administrative provisions for the preservation of the documentary heritage:
    The Slovak National Archives, according to the Law on Archives no. 149/1975 and the Amendment to the Law no. 571/1991, collects, professionally arranges, make accessible, uses and preserves the archival holdings. It means that legal and administrative provisions for the preservation documentary heritage are guaranteed and protected by the highest legalities in the Slovak Republic
  3. accessibility:
    In compliance with the above mentioned Law, in all state archives the archival documents older than thirty years are available for study. The codices are available for expert and scientific study exclusively in the search room of the Slovak National Archives
  4. copyright status:
    The Slovak National Archives, The Slovak Committee for UNESCO´s "Memory of the World" and some other selected institutions and authors
2.4. Responsible administration:
  1. The proper management of the documentary heritage
    is ensured through the fulfilment of the above mentioned Law by the highly professional activities of the Slovak National Archives in the field of archival science and preservation of archival holdings


3. Identificiaton
3.1. Description and inventory:
  Within the context of the Slovak written cultural heritage, the Library of the Bratislava Chapter House represents a unique phenomena by its   extent (more than 3 000 volumes), ancientness (book from the 12th to the 19th centuries) as well as by its content of profane and religious literature
The Library also contains the most wide-ranging, coprehensive and histlorically and aristically most valuable set of medieval manuscripts book works in Slovakia. Of the original 139 medieval codices recorded in the 19th, the holding nowadays contains 101 medieval manuscript volumes from the period of the 12th to 16th centuries. Musical codices - Bratislava antiphonaries I. - V. from the 15 th and 16th centuries, belonging to the set of Slovak provenance, were probably created in the scriptorium at the St. Martin´s Cathedral from the initiave of Bratislava canon J. Haan (died in 1500). They contain numerous illuminations and illustrations.
3.2. Bibliographic - Registrtion details:
  Musical codices - Bratislava antiphonaries I. - V. are registred according to the following sources: 
Knaus, N.: A Pozsonyi Káptalannak kéziratai. Esztergom 1870, nr. 3, 4, 1, 2, 17.
Sopko, J.: Codices Latini Medii Aevi Bibliothecarum Slovacie. Matica slovenská Martin 1981, nr. 4, 6 et 30, 7, 29, 39.
Archív mesta Bratislavy (The Archives of the Capital of the Slovak Republic Bratislava), EC Lad. 3, 4, 6, 2.
3.4. History:
  Archival documents prove that the Library of the Bratislava Chapter was creating and gradually buldinf up from 13th century; manuscript and printed books include 86 incunabula which were cantinually using for seven centuries in the activies of the Bratislava Chapter, a significant church institution, medieval public-legal and cultural center with wide range of activities.
3.5. Bibliography:

SOPKO, J.: Z činnosti kultúrnych stredísk stredovekej Bratislavy (From the activities of the cultural centers of medieval Bratislava). In: Bratislava VI, 1970, s. 139-178.
SOPKO, J.: Die kodizes Mittelalterlichen Pressburgs. In: Stätte in Donneraum, Bratislava, 1993, s. 197-206.
GUTHEROVÁ, A., MIŠIANIK, J.: Stredovaká knižná maľba na Slovensku (The medieval book paintings in Slovakia). Bratislava 1961.
SOPKO, J.: Najstaršia knižná kultúra Bratislavy I, II (The oldest book culture of Bratislava). In: Kniha 76, Matica slovenská, s. 96-129; Kniha 85/86, s. 103-118.
ŠÁTEK J.: Najstaršia bratislavská knižnica (The oldest library of Bratislava). In: Z bratislavských knižníc. Bratislava 1950, s. 46-50.

3.6. Names, qualifications and contact detailes of independent people or organisation with
  expert knowledge about the values and provenance of the documentary heritage:

PhDr. Marta Melníková, archivist, The Slovak National Archives
Drotárska 42, 817 01 Bratislava
phone +421 7/580 12 14
fax +421 7/580 12 47
PhDr. Július Sopko, historian, University of Trnava, Faculty Humanistic Sciences, Department of History, Hornopotočná 23, 918 43 Trnava
phone +421 805/ 511 676
fax +421 805/ 511 128

PhDr. Ľubomír Jankovič, CSc., archivist, Slovak National Library
Novomestkého 32, 036 52 Martin
phone +421 842/ 313 71, 314 71
fax +421 842/ 331 88


4. Management plan - see below Annex 1
5. Assessment against the Selection Criteria
5.1. Assessment of the documentary heritage against each criterion described in Annex 2, 
  see below Annex 2
5.2. Contextual assessment ...
  See assessment in Annex 2 below
5.3. An evaluation of the auhenticity:
  All codices selected for the project were created in scriptorium of the Bratislava Chapter House by several illuminators and scriptors; they belong to the most significant and most representative monuments of the book culture in Bratislava and Central European region.
6. Consultation
6.1. Details of consultation about the nomination:

a) b) c)

Selection and nomination of the project for the UNESCO´s "Memory of the World" Programme have been consulted in details among the representatives of the owner and custodian of the documents, expert and scientists from the field and the representatives of the Slovak Committee for UNESCO´s "Memory of the World" Programme


7. Nominator
7.1. Name
  The Slovak Committee for UNESCO´s "Memory of the World" Programme operation with the Slovak National Archives and the Slovak National Library
7.2. Relationship to documetary heritage:

The owner and custodian of the documentary heritage in co-operation with the Slovak Committee for UNESCO´s "Memory of the World" Programme

7.3. Contact person:
  Ing. Jozef Hanus, CSc., Executive Chairman, The Slovak Committee for UNESCO´s "Memory of the World" Programme
7.4. Contact detailes:

Slovak National Archives
Drotárska cesta 42, 817 01 Bratislava
phone +421 7/ 580 11 89
fax +421 7/ 580 12 47



8. Assessment of Risk
8.1. environmental conditions
  - good
  physical conditions
  - documents has been stored in the purpose-built archival building with controlled climatic in the storage areas
  preservation budget
  - the activity of the Slovak National Archives, including all activities in the field of preservation of holdings, have been fully financed through the state budget
  extent and nature of use
  - to provide maximum iformation on selected cultural monuments to broad scientific and cultural society at home and abroad on modern media and at the same time to ensure their maximal protection and preservation; to present these monuments in the form of electronic publications on the basis of interdisciplinary scientific description
9. Preservation Assessment
9.1. Present physical state:
  - good
  Current preservation policy in relation to proposed nominated documentary heritage
  - is based on the above mentioned Law on archives in which preservation is defined as one of main duties of the Arcives; moreover the special care has been dedicated to the proposed collection as it was proclaimed by the Slovak government in 1988 to be one of the national cultural monuments
  Organization responsible for preservation:
  - The Slovak National Archives, Drotárska 42, 817 01 Bratislava, SK


Annex 1 - Indicative List of Factors to be Included in Management Plan

Statement of the significance of the documentary heritage
This set was proclaimed by the Slovak government in 1988 to be one of the national cultural monuments of the Slovak Republic

Acces policy and procedures
Are based on the recommendations of the Technical Subcommittee of the International Advisory Board for the UNESCO Programme "Memory of the World" elaborated in 1996 with the help of UNESCO at the National Library of the Czech Republic and Albertina Icom Company Prague (A. Knoll and co-workers). Methodology of description of Antiphonarium Sedlecense (pilot project of digital edition "Memoria Mundi Series Bohemica I") has served as a patent for our experts to process the Antiphonarium Bratislavense II, which would be the first output of the Slovak digital edition of codices - Memoria Slovaciae Medii Aevi Manuscripta.

Details of preservation budget
The Slovak National Archives is a state budgetary organization fully financed by the state. Its budget covers also all expenses for preventive preservation, e.g. control of optimal climatic conditions in the storage areas as well as conservation and restoration by the top ranking experts in the field.

However, the budget does not cover the expenses for prevetion and implementation of information about the most valuable monuments through digital images and modern media. The budget for digitalization of the Antiphonarium Bratislavense II (900 pages) and production of CD ROM would represent approximately
500 000,- Slovak koruna, i.e. US $ 15 000,-.

Preservation prodedures and policies to control the physical envirnment
The documents are kep in the purpose-built archival building with controlled parameters of temperature
(18 ± 2°C) and relative humidity (50 ± 5 %) of air. They are They are excluded from the influence of light as they are stored in protective covers. Special care is devoted to the documents by staff and users-scientists. Storage areas are protected by fire and security signalization.

Department of Archives Preservation
Is one of the departments of the Slovak National Archives which is in charge of preventive preservation and conservation and restoration of documents. Methods and technique used in the Archives are similar to the world tendencies used in this field.
There are 13 workers in the Department, 3 of them university gradauted. Among them there are 2 chemists, 7 conservators and restores, 3 photographers and 1 worker in charge of the stelirization chamber.
Preservention and protection of archival documents is one of the mains tasks of the Slovak National Archives.

Annex 2 - Selection Criteria

Criterion 1, 2, 3 - Influence, Time, Place

The evolution and fate of Slovakia´s documentary heritage has been shaped over the centuries by a number of politica, cultural and social phenomena. The historical territory of Slovak itself has been a permanent meeting ground of political interests and cultural influences from the whole of europe. Slovak documentary heritage must therefore be seen as an integral part of all areas of world history.

By their significance, artistic and historical value the Antiphonaries of Bratislava far exceed the borders of national culture from the point of excercise and development of Middle European cultural-artistic influences in the second half of the 15th century.

Criterion 5, 6 - Subject/ Ttheme, Form and Style

Illuminations in the Antiphonaries of Bratislava are basic source to the knowledge of medieval book painting development in the region of Central Europe.

Moreover, the Antiphonaries of Bratislava belong also to the important and significant musical monuments in the specifiedl region.

Criterion 7 - Social Value

As these Antiphonaies were actively using during several centuries at liturgy the collection has also an extraordinary significance and relations to the religious and spiritual needs and influences in this region.

Secondary Criterion 1 - Integrity

Illuminated codices from the Library of the Bratislava Chapter represent the most wideranging and comprehensive collection of the medieval manuscripts book works in Slovakia. In can be therefore unambiguosly stated that this documentary heritage exhibits an extraordinary degree of integrity and completeness.



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