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Scan & Go

The Scan & Go service is a self-service digitalization dedicated to all library users onsite.

The service stands for self-service digitization facilities equipped with professional book scanners. The devices are all by German producers and can guarantee a llife long operation, dependability and high quality of digitized image. Users can choose the output format (TIFF, JPEG, PDF, ZIP) and scanning mode (colour, gray scale, B&W). The devices are able to digitize library documents up to A2 format. The most up-to-date scanners offer touch screen, multilingual software, text/image localization and OCR processing.

We kindly remind that damaged library materials are not allowed to be digitized by library users themselves. Instead, users are encouraged to use another digitization service.

The final electronic document is transferred to users´ own USB Flash Drive. Each workstation gives available short instructions for use. If necessary, librarians who offer help and instructions, can be called at no. 308 (a telephone is at each scanner there).

The service is provided free of charge to registered library users. Workplaces with the scanners are freely available in the public area of the Library on the 1st and 2nd floor (building in Venturska street) and in the General study room.

The main premise of the service is that every user uses his/her digitized copies to cover his/her study needs, the copies may not be shared nor generate any profit. Another premise says that library materials are not digitized in their full lenght, but in parts.

In case of interest in whole book or other library material digitization, which is out of copyright, consult, please, the EoD service or write us at <>.



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