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EoD : eBook on Demand Service

The Library offers a unique service consisting in digitizing a whole book or any other library item upon the user request. The service delivers the user an eBook with the possibility of OCRed text layer. The service is aimed at books and materials out of copyright.

What is an EoD eBook
An EOD eBook is a single fulltext pdf file of a public domain book digitised at the user’s request.
If applicable, the file contains the image of the scanned original book as well as the automatically recognised full text. Any marks, notations and other notes in the margins present in the original volume will also appear in this file.
The service is open to anyone and is not limited by the registration in the Library.

The service has been designed for items (e. g. books) in the public domain, items standing out of the Copyright law. Therefore works printed after 1949 are excluded for the service.

How to order
Wherever you find the EoD button in the online catalogue, simply click on it and you are taken to the EoD order form and guided through the ordering process. After the submission of the order you receive a confirmation e-mail and you are able to track your order during the digitisation process at your personal tracking page.

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How to pay for an eBook
Digitised the book, you  can choose several ways of payment – payment via credit card (online payment), invoice or in cash at the library´s site. The most convenient option is to use your credit card and pay via a secure transaction mode. After your payment has been received, you will be able to download the eBook (from the tracking page) or have it sent on a data carrier.

Price listing :

  • Basic fee for PDF document (e-book)
    EURO 10 € and covers 75 pages of a book in PDF format,  each new additional page for EURO 0,10.-
  • Basic fee for PDF document (e-book) + OCR
    EURO 15 € and covers 75 pages of a book in PDF format + OCR,  each new additional page for EURO 0,15.-

eBook for visually impaired users
The service is provided in cooperation with the Matej Hrebenda Slovak Library for the Blind in Levoca. An eBook order please send to the Library by whom the eBook  will be sent to the user.

What is the EoD eBook on Demand Service
The EOD service was started within the framework of the project "Digitisation on Demand" co-funded by the eTEN programme line. This EU project was launched in October 2006 with 13 libraries from eight European countries and ran until June 2008. By July 2008, a self-sustained network was established with these 13 libraries as founding members. Since then, other libraries from other countries have also been continuously joining the network. From May 2009 until April 2013, EOD was co-financed by the EC under the Culture Programme and other 20 libraries from 10 European countries take part in this follow-up project. Now, the network counts up to 38 libraries from 14 European countries.

For additional information see the EoD eBooks website.
For more information please contact us at <>.

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