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Digitization in ULB

The Digitization department in the University library in Bratislava (OD UKB) is a developmental and experimental facility for protective copying, digitizing and making available of digital library items which represent the literary heritage of the Slovak Republic trough new information technologies. It operates nationwide, participates in national projects and helps in book culture research.

The Digitization department consists of two subdepartments, Department for digitization services and Digitization Laboratory. The department manages and coordinates international and national library and information cooperation in the field of digitization and is involved in cooperative national and European projects, European research and development programs. The Digitization department operates as an independent department in the division of Electronization and integration of the Library. (UAI UKB)

Mgr. Stanislav Ďurčo (Head of Digitization services Department of the ULB)
PhDr. Jaroslava Dollerová (in charge of the Head of digitization of the ULB)

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