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Reprographic services

  • Registered users have several options for making copies of documents form the UKB stock. UKB provides self-service copy printers (1st and 2nd floor or the ground floor in the case the user wants to print A3 format), self-service scanner (1st and 2nd floor). The user can choose from two variations of scanners. Working with the "Scan & Go" scanner requires e-mail and the small printed confirmation letter after finishing the scanning session has to be delivered to the internet suty-room where the consultant on duty will send the scan link(s). The internet study-room is located on the 1st floor and this service is free of charge same as the USB variation. Other options are in the library building Klariska street. The copying of documents is provided  according to the actual UKB price listing. Printing of color documents is done in the reprographic department on the 2nd floor (the user has to give the print task first in eighter the PC study-room or the internet study-room. For further information ask the consultant on duty)
  • If the user want to use the UKB staff copy and printing services, then it is recommended for the user to deliver the appropriate volume of the document to the service place indicated by the recommended way of marking the page(s) that the user wants to have scanned (it will speed up the order process). It is required to have the appropriate amount of credit on the users library card. Documents such as old periodicals, large format periodicals and bound periodicals are NOT possible for the users self-scan service. Only the UKB digitalization staff is allowed to make scan copies.

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