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Password change

For the identification into the UKB catalog, in full text databases outside the premises of the University Library and the required authentication in the "internet" study room.
The password can be changed at the registration (ground floor near entrance) or by the user in his profile in the the UKB catalog after the user has logged in with his current password. In the case the user forgot his password it is necessary to visit the registration department.


To change the password you enter the following:

  • barcode (SNR code number of the card)
  • current password you want to change
  • new desired password


New password can not contain accented characters and the minimum password length is 6 characters. After changing the password it is possible to log in the users account in the UKB catalog or the full text databases outside of the premises of the University Library in Bratislava and the required authentication on computers in the "internet" study-room or PC study-room.

Sending an E-mail (the address you provided during the first registration)

This is also possible if the user forgot his current password and after this step the previous password received during the registration will be renewed.

The password given at the registration is in this form (DDMMYYYY) and initials in big letters)
Example: 02071975JD (John Doe)


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