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Interlibrary Loan Services

Interlibrary loans are made in accordance with the mission, study and conservation character of the library and principles set out by the library rules and regulations.

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The limited lending of certain documents or parts of the library resources are highlighted with such information.

Absence documents lending (outside of the library buildings) and presence (in the premises of the library). Documents with signatures "SK" are archived and it is not possible for lending. (article 9 in the rules and regulations). Those documents that are lend only in the premises of the library building.

Absence loans:

  • books of the stock's newest literature
  • books from loaning storage units (books published since 1953)
  • books from specialized collections which are deposited in the free accessible book section on the 1st floor - British Centre, Centre of Russian studies, INFO USA, Mamatey's collection and Austrian library section.


Presence loans:

  • books and documents from the storage stock and departments
  • periodicals - unbound and bound
  • documents from handheld fonds of study rooms, cabinets and free access areas
  • documents which are being borrowed only in the building are mentioned in the art. 9 UKB library rules and regulations

How to search for documents:

documents for studies can the user search alone in the free access department or in the stock of the newest literature in study rooms and cabinets. Documents from specialized collections stored in the free access on the 1st floor - British Centre, Centre for Russian studies, INFO USA, Austrian library and Mamatey's collection are designed for absence and presence study. Other documents have to be ordered electronically or on a paper request form.

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