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The UNESCO Centre in the University Library in Bratislava is the only information and documentation centre of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in the Slovak Republik. It was established on a basis of a contract between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the University Library in Bratislava and opened to the public on the lst of July 1994. 

The Centre fulfils two main tasks following from its name:

  1. mediation of information on functioning, programmes, projects and various activities of UNESCO in all fields of its competence throughout the world and in Slovakia to the general public.
  2. building up the collection of UNESCO and UN related publications and documents and making them available in the reading room. 

In the course of its activity the Centre cooperates with the headquarters of the organization in Paris, with the Slovak Commission for UNESCO at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republik, as well as with many other public institutions and various Slovak and foreign non-governmental organizations. The Centre is at the same time a member of a worldwide network of the UNESCO centres and associations. 

The UNESCO Centre fulfils these nationwide tasks as well:

It is a National Coordinator of UNESCO Clubs in Slovak Republik and a National Coordinator of UNESCO Associated Schools in Slovak Republik. It fulfils a function of the Secretariat of the Slovak Committee for the UNESCO Programme Memory of the World aimed at the saving of the documentary heritage. 

In terms of fulfilment of its functions, the Centre organizes various seminars, workshops, training courses and lectures related to the individual areas of UNESCO´s interest. Schools of all stages have a possibility to order excursions about UNESCO, about its structure, operation and programs, connected with presentation of videos provided by UNESCO. For several years already, the Centre has been systematically paying attention to the world heritage education and in this connection it published in 2002 a Slovak translation of the UNESCO publication „World heritage in Young Hands“ (An education kit for teachers). There are still some copies of this publication available for the persons interested by the directress of the Centre. 

Services provided at the UNESCO Centre:

  • in-library study of UNESCO and other UN system organizations related documents and publications
  • in-library study of the documents on electronic media
  • free access to information on Internet
  • consultancy
  • reprographic services (for reading room funds) 


Postal address:

University Library in Bratislava
Michalská 1
814 17 Bratislava

Seat of the Centre:
University Library in Bratislava
Klariská 5, Bratislava

Telephone: +421 2 204 66 542

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