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Connecting to UKB network


ULIB allows you to log in into two networks:

  • UKB



  • After finding the ULIB network choose connect
  • Open the web browser and type in any internet address. Afterwards a new log in page should appear.
  • Enter your log-in information that was assigned to the you during the first registration (the same data you use to log in into the UKB catalog - DDMMYYYY and first initials letters [example: John Doyle as JD). If you changed yout password previously, then you have to use that password.



Eduroam is an international project and service through which users of the participating organizations gain access to the Internet. The basic idea of eduroam is to enable students and scholars to connect to a computer network at another academic institution with the same credentials that were allocated to them at their home institution.

For more information about the project eduroam and related activities.

Supported operating systems - Windows XP, Windows 7, Linux, Mac OSX .

The first time you connect from your network device that supports WIFI, it is necessary to make a number of settings:

    • Network Connection - Wireless Features (settings)
    • Wireless Networks tab - the option must be marked - Configure the wireless settings using with the help of the Windows system, then select the ADD option.
    • Fill data network name ( SSID ) - eduroam, network authentication - WPA2, data encryption - AES.
    • the second tab verification set as EAP type protocol - Protocol Microsoft PEAP (Protected EAP)
    • click to select the Properties option, then you dont sign the option to check the server certificate
    • For the verification method secured password (EAP - MSCHAP v2) under the configure option you dont sign the option to automatically use of the login and password or Windows domain adress
    • Confirm and save the changes
  • WINDOWS 7:
    • Manage wireless networks - Add - Manually create a network profile:
      Network name - eudroam
      Type of Security: WPA2 - enterprise
      Type of encryption - AES

    • Change connection settings - Security - Set PEAP / do not validate the server certificate and configure a secure password EAP - MSCHAP v2 / do not use automatic
    • Confirm and save the changes
  • MAC OSX:
    • Right-click the icon wifi connection and select Network EDUROAM.
    • A new window will apear where you enter your username, password and 802.1x remains set to automatic.

Login data in the network is not asigned by the University Library in Bratislava, but you can use this network, if you your college assigned the login details to the EDROAM network.

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