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Documents loan

Absence loans - outside of the premises of the library

  • loans are done trough the lending library department (gound floor - entrance hall)
  • ordered documents (trough the UKB catalogue profile) are prepared in the rental library department. Documents will be given to the user after personal identification with the library readers card (or ISIC).
  • the loan period is normaly extendable up to 30 calendar days. Before its expiration the user can extend the loan three times, but only of the book was not reserved from a different user while the book was loaned. The user can also request an extension of his borrowed document in the rental library at the ground floor near the entrance, with phone on the number (+421) 02/20 466 183 or with E-MAIL 

Presence loans - study rooms, cabinets, 1st floor free access

  • study rooms, cabinets, 1st floor free access: documents are being made accessible which are used for presence studies
    • documents stored in the library stocks - order form is required
    • documents included in the handheld fond of different study rooms. These are open accessible
  • loans from the storage trough the order form (electronic form, forms done from the scanned catalogue or in some cases a paper form) are made and designed lending areas
    • Ventúrska street
      • books - free access - 1st floor (presence study only)
      • periodicals - free access - 2nd floor (presence study only)
    • Klariská street
      • music - (sound devices) - music cabinet (presence study only)
  • ordered documents are being given to the user after authentification with the users library card (or ISIC)
  • the library has the right to regulate the scope of orders for study with regard to the operational conditions under the art. No. 11 UKB library rules and regulations
  • requirements for documents from the library storage, magazines and newspapers which are not accessible in the study room are being processed in specified time interval
  • the library can change how and where to disclose a document requiring extra protection
  • borrowed documents can be booked on request for the required study time. If since the last visit more then five days pass and no another date was set, then the documents are put back in the storage library department
  • when returning a document the user will recieve a return confirmation

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