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V. Fees and Compensation



A r t i c l e 18

Fines for overdue Items

  1. The Library is not obliged to send Reminders.
  2. The user has an obligation to pay a fine for overdue Items. The Library provides the user with a receipt confirming the payment of the fine.
  3. The obligation to pay for items overdue begins one day after the lendig period has expired. Should the Library be closed on the last day to which the lending period ends, the Due date is automatically renewed to the first coming day the Library has opened.
  4. The fine for items overdue is set upon each document for each day counted from the Due date.
  5. If the user does not return a document within 60 days from the Due date, he/she will receive a director´s notice sent via registered mail.
  6. Should the user not return a document within 30 days from the director´s notice, the Library shall ask the User for reconciliation. The message would be sent by registered mail.
  7. If the user does not return the document within 30 days from the reconciliation proposal, the Library approaches its claim through the Court.
  8. The user as well as visitor of the Library holds responsibility for any such bent behavior. The legal steps taken next follow the Civil Code Procedure.
  9. In case a Library User doesn´t collect a document he/she has requested for through the ILL-international service within 14 days from the date of the delivered e-mail notice, he/she will be banned from further use of the ILL service, had such document been ILL-international, the User would be charged 50% of the cost of the service.

A r t i c l e 19

Fees for the Library Services

  1. The Library requires financial compensation for the following services and activities:
    1. Issuing the User Identification Card,
    2. The Activation of The Identification Card,
    3. Detecting identification data about the user,
    4. Interlibrary Loan- International,
    5. Reprographic services,
    6. Reimbursements for the damage or loss of a document provided for loan,
    7. Digitisation
  2. The Cost of every operation and service is printed out on The Price List of Services.
  3. The Library reserves the right to adjust The Price List of Services according to its reflection during the validity of these Library Rules and Regulations.
  4. Is the Library User in debt or has other account receivables with the Library, he/she can be shortened of the priviledge to use the services of the Library.
  5. For the Library services and other services it is possible to refund those from a User´s Credit he/she has prepayed at the Library counter. For Copy self-service it is required to have credit prepayed. Upon agreement a debt of a User can be discharged from his/her Credit by the Library itself.
  6. Once the validity of a User´s registration has expired, the User should immediately require the pay out of his/her Credit left on his/her account. If not immediately, two years from the expiration at latest.
  7. The Pay out of Credit to the User can be done in person after the User has put forward his/her ID Card or a different kind of Identification Card.

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