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IV. The Order of Precedence for Services in the Reading Rooms, Cabinets and the Free Access Area


IV. The Order of Precedence for Services in the Reading Rooms, Cabinets and the Free Access Area

A r t i c l e 17

Rights and Obligations of the Users in the Reading Rooms, Cabinets and the Free Access Area

  1. Reading rooms, cabinets and the free access area (further Reading Rooms) serve for reference study of documents. The user has the right to use:
    1. The Reference collections,
    2. Journals and newspapers freely accessible,
    3. Documents delivered from the Library deposits,
    4. Documents ordered through the interlibrary loan service and international interlibrary loan service,
    5. Technical equipment whereas abiding by the instructions of the librarian at place.
  2. Coming to the reading rooms on Klariska Street, the User must show his/her Library Card.
  3. The user has free access to the reference collections and the displayed journals and news-papers. The user shall return those to a designated place after completing his/her study. When using these documents the user should respect other users´ requests for the same documents. Documents from the Library deposits categorised as „for reference“ shall be handed out at the specific circulation desk.
  4. The user can place an order for a reference material through the on-line Library catalogue or through the card catalogues with order slips duly filled out.
  5. The requests for borrowings from the Library deposits and for journals and newspapers which are not freely accessible in the reading rooms are processed and dealt out with at intervals.
  6. The Library reserves the right to regulate the extent of reference material ordered from the Deposit by the Users to the allowances of the premises.
  7. The Library specifies the methods and the Place where documents that need special supervision are to be delivered.
  8. The user has a duty to collect the requested document in person within 6 working days.
  9. A Document requested through the Interlibrary Loan Service or International Interlibrary Loan Service that has been delivered from the Lending Library with the condition „in-library use“ is handled to the favour of the Lending Library. Other restrictions may regard the copyright. These conditions are further outlined on the UKB Homepage (
  10. The User is obliged in his/her own interest to report all deficiencies detected in a borrowed document to the consultant.
  11. The borrowed items should be returned in same condition as they were lended. This means no mishandling of documents is allowed. Should the user be observed in the reading room damaging a Library item, he/she would have to compensate for the damage to the extent of its scale.
  12. Audio, electronic and micrographic documents as well as video cassettes shall be made accessible for reference use only in the designated study areas or cabinets.
  13. The user is allowed to use the Library´s technical equipment, apart from the self service Technologies, only with the assistance of a consultant.
  14. It is forbidden to make any copies from the audio, electronic and video documents.
  15. The user should take into account that PCs found in the specialized reading rooms provided with access to the Internet can be monitored.
  16. The User may not move chairs around in the study rooms and the Open Access rooms.
  17. The Cabinet of Manuscripts, Old and Rare Prints as well as the Study room for Electronic Documents is working amid special rules and regulations.

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