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IV. Neat Order of Study Rooms, Cabinet Rooms and Open-View Shelves

A r t i c l e 17

User Rights and Obligations in Study Rooms, Cabinet Rooms and Open-View Shelves

  1. Study rooms, cabinet rooms and open-view shelves (hereinafter jointly referred to as “study rooms”) serve for the on-site study of documents.
    User has the right to use:
    1. reference collections;
    2. freely accessible magazines and newspapers;
    3. documents delivered from library stores;
    4. documents ordered via the interlibrary lending service international interlibrary lending service;
    5. technical equipment according to a consultant’s instruction.
  2. Upon entering the study rooms at Klariská Street, the user is required to present their user identification card.
  3. The user has free access to the reference collections and to journals or newspapers laid out.  After studying there, the user shall return to the designated place.  In using them, the user should also respect the requirements of other users.  Documents from library stores for on-site study are borrowed at the designated lending points.
  4. The user may order documents for on-site study by the electronic catalogue or card catalogues on request slips.
  5. Requests for documents from library stocks and for journals and newspapers that are not freely accessible in the study room are dealt with at the specified time intervals.
  6. The Library may regulate the scope of orders and borrowing for on-site study from the stores with regard to operating conditions.
  7. The Library shall determine the manner and the lending point for making available documents requiring increased protection.
  8. The user is required to take receipt of an ordered document in person within 6 calendar days.
  9. A document ordered via the interlibrary lending service or international interlibrary lending service that is provided by a forwarding library only for on-site study shall be subject to protection regulations determined by the providing library, and this as regards the possibility of copying from the given document as well as any other handling whatsoever of this document.  Details can be found at on the University Library in Bratislava website (Services – Interlibrary Lending – Conditions).
  10. The user is obliged, in their own interest, to immediately report to the consultant any deficiencies identified.
  11. It is forbidden to make any interventions in the borrowed documents, or to otherwise damage them.  If a user in a study room is caught damaging a document, they must compensate for the damage according to the scope of the damage.
  12. Audio, electronic and micrographic documents, as well as video documents shall be made available for on-site study at the dedicated study points or in the cabinet rooms.
  13. The user has the right to use the Library’s technical equipment only by means of a consultant, with the exception of user self-service devices and computers.
  14. It is forbidden to make copies of any audio, electronic documents and video documents.
  15. The user takes note of the fact that computers connected to the internet in certain specialised study rooms may be monitored.
  16. The user may not move chairs from the study rooms and open-view shelves into the courtyard gallery.
  17. Special regulations and principles apply for the cabinet room of manuscripts, old and rare prints, the electronic documents study room and PC study room.

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