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I. General provisions

A r t i c l e 1

Scope of the Library Regulations

  1. The University Library in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as the “Library”), as a universal scientific library and multifunctional cultural centre is the top state cultural, information, scientific, research and educational institution in the field of library, bibliographic, scientific-research, information, education, publishing and cultural activity.
    It provides free access to knowledge and information disseminated on all media by means of the library collection, information sources (external information sources), library & information networks, library-information services, information & communication technologies and cultural-information events, in order to satisfy the cultural, information, scientific research and educational needs of the public and to support lifelong learning, independent decision-making and intellectual development.
  2. The Library Regulations, which include the lending regulations, arrange the relationships of the Library and its users and visitors.
  3. The Library publishes the Library Regulations on its website and in printed form in a visible place. The Library Regulations shall be given out in printed form to a user upon request.

A r t i c l e 2

Conditions for acceptance as a library user

  1. The following persons are eligible for acceptance as a library user: 

          a. a natural person from 15 years of age
          b. a natural person younger than 15 years of age following confirmation of assumption material liability signed by legal representatives,
          c. a legal entity and institution
                   - represented by an authorised person,
                   - In the use of the interlibrary lending service and international interlibrary lending service.

  2. A natural person or legal entity becomes a library user upon activation of the user’s identification card.  By signing the user application, the user undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Library Regulations.
  3. Processing of personal data for the purpose of issuing a user identification card and activation into the Library system is carried out in accordance with applicable legislation on personal data protection.  The Library shall use the personal data provided solely for its own needs.

A r t i c l e 3

Library Accessibility

  1. The Library provides services in accordance with the principles of universal user access to documents and information, irrespective of their political, ethnic, religious or racial affiliation.
  2. A user shall have access to the Library solely on the basis of a valid user identification card.
  3. A user shall not have access to library stores and to the Library ancillary premises.
  4. Entry to the Library’s specialised study rooms (PC study room, electronic documents study room, cabinet room of manuscripts, old and rare prints) and the provision of services therein is governed by separate Regulations.
  5. A library visitor has free access solely to cultural-educational events organised at the Library for the general public.

A r t i c l e 4

Basic rights and obligations of a library user

  1. A user has the right:
    1. to free access to the borrowing and study rooms on the basis of a valid user identification card;
    2. to free access to educational and cultural-social events organised by the Library
    3. to the Library’s services pursuant to Act no. 183/2000 Coll. on libraries, as amended.
  2. A user is obliged to:
    1. comply with the Library Regulations, the Library’s internal regulations and instructions given by library staff and security staff;
    2. submit to measures for keeping order and for protecting the Library’s assets;
    3. maintain silence and cleanliness in all library premises.
  3. A user is not permitted to:
    1. enter:
      • library ancillary premises and library storerooms;
      • the Library under the influence of alcohol or narcotics;
      • the Library in extraordinarily dirty clothing, if suffering from a infectious illness, and for other reasons that are an annoyance for other users;
      • the Library on rollerskates;
    2. smoke, consume alcohol or narcotics on the Library premises;
    3. carry weapons, bring animals (with the exception of guide dogs), and store bicycles, scooters, etc.;
    4. use mobile phones in study areas.
  4. A user may consume food and liquids only in the premises reserved for this.
  5. The user shall show their user identification card to cloakroom staff upon request.
  6. The user may enter the Library premises only after taking off their coat or other outer garment (windcheater, raincoat, etc.), putting away their umbrella, briefcase, back, rucksack, etc. in the cloakroom, regardless of their purpose of the visit to the Library.  Objects larger than 33x24x7 cm shall be considered a briefcase or bag.  Details are laid out in the Cloakroom Operating Regulations.
  7. When bringing in own documents (books, magazines, newspapers, sheet music, maps, microfilms, audio, audio-visual documents) it is necessary to fill out a form listing all documents being brought in before entering the Library.  The user shall submit the prescribed form for inspection upon entry to and upon exit from the Library.
  8. The user’s entry to the Library:
    1. with a child of pre-school age, as well as with a child in a pushchair, is possible only on the ground floor in the self-service borrowing room and in the reader catalogues on Ventúrska Street,
    2. with a school-age child is possible only with a portable user identification card (visitor card), which the user receives in the borrowing room and is required to return upon leaving the Library.  The accompanying adult shall take all responsibility for the child’s behaviour;
    3. is permitted with the user’s own notebook computer and musical instrument.  The user consents to the inspection of cases, notebook cases, musical instrument cases, cameras, etc. by security staff or library staff.
  9. Persons accompanying a severely handicapped person shall be issued a user identification card (visitor card).
  10. The use of own instruments for scanning parts of documents (camera, etc.) is permitted upon request, which must be submitted to the service manager before beginning work.
  11. Selected premises of the Library are for reasons of protection monitored by camera system.
  12. Upon entering the Library, the user notes that their movement may be recorded by the camera system.
  13. A user who violates the Library Regulations, or other internal measures may be expelled from the Library premises, and in the case of a serious violation, such as verbal abuse of staff, disobeying library staff or security staff, may be deprived of their right to use the Library services.  This shall not prejudice liability for damage caused and the obligation to provide compensation thereof under applicable regulations. The possibility to use the Library services shall be renewed only following a request by the person prohibited from using the Library services. Each request shall be assessed individually.
  14. In the case of a fire alarm in the Library, it is necessary to ensure the protection of users and visitors upon start of a fire.  If the command “Leave the building, fire in the building” sounds over the internal tannoy, every user and visitor present is required to leave the room (premises) where they are and exit via the emergency evacuation routes and assemble at the place specified in the fire alarm guidelines. An assembly point is specified for each building.  All library users and visitors shall follow the instructions of firefighter members, who shall ensure safe transfer to the designated place.
  15. Any carrying out of documents intended for on-site study (from the UKB collection, as well as documents borrowed via the interlibrary and international interlibrary lending service) outside the Library premises shall be considered a serious violation of Library Regulations. The Library shall treat such conduct as theft or attempted theft, with all consequences arising therefrom and shall proceed according to the Civil Code.
  16. A user who has unsettled liabilities towards the Library, or who repeatedly breaches Library Regulations may have their membership temporarily suspended for a period from 3 months to 3 years.
  17. A book for comments, suggestions and proposals regarding the Library’s work is available on the ground floor at Ventúrska Street, at the information desk. This provision does not violate legislative procedures for handling complaints.

A r t i c l e 5

Registration, Activation in the UKB System and User Identification Card

  1. The user identification card (library card) is issued and activated in the UKB system upon the user’s request, after signing the user’s application.  If the user submits and registration a user identification card issued by another entity (identified the user submits a user identification card issued by another entity (ISIC, ITIC, Bratislava City Card, Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Comenius University, Slovak Academy of Sciences, and other accepted chip cards), this card is activated in the UKB system. The issuance and activation of a user identification card is subject to a fee according to the Service Fee List.

    The Library distinguishes five types of registration:
    • registration of a user with valid activation to the Library system for 1 year, and issuance of a user identification card entitling the user to use all library services;
    • registration of a user with a valid activation to the Library system for 1 year, without issuance of a user identification card – an identification card issued by another entity (ISIC, ITIC, Bratislava City Card, CVTI SR and UK SAS and other accepted smart cards) is activated, entitling the user to use all library services;
    • registration of a user with valid activation to the Library system for 1 year, entitling the user to use only on-site services,
    • registration of a user with valid activation to the Library system for 30 days and issuance of a user identification card, entitling the user to use on-site library services;
    • registration of a user with valid activation to the Library system for 7 days and issuance of a user identification card, entitling the user to use on-site library services.

      Once the activation validity has ended, an identification card may be repeatedly activated for the selected number of days or one year.
  2. An identification card is issued:
    1. to citizens of the Slovak Republic with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic following submission of a valid citizen ID card, which may not be replaced by any other document;
    2. to foreign Slovaks following presentation of a foreign Slovak identification card;
    3. to citizens of EU member states following submission of a valid passport and public document attesting their place of permanent residence (confirmation of residence issued by the competent authority)
    4. to nationals of other states following submission of a foreign-national’s identification card (for foreign national’s with long-term residency permit);
    5. to citizens of the Slovak Republic, other state or to foreigners with granted additional protection, following presentation of a passport, identification card or other document and public document attesting their place of permanent residence (confirmation of residence issued by the competent authority).  In these cases, the user identification card activated in the Library system entitles the user to use all services.  In the case of persons under the age of 15, the consent of a legal guardian is required, who shall assume all rights and obligations of a full member.
    6. Legal entities and institutions following the submission of a document on the assignment of a corporate identification number (founding document, excerpt from the commercial register, business licence, etc.), authorisation of the responsible employee and citizen’s ID pass for the responsible worker. The application shall bear the stamp of the organisation and signature of the responsible worker authorised in contact with the Library.  the bearer of user rights and obligations toward the Library in this case is the legal entity and institution;
    7. Legal entities and institutions wishing to use the interlibrary lending service and international interlibrary lending service after signing the UKB Service Agreement. The agreement includes the nomination of a responsible employee. The legal entity or institution shall then receive login data to the University Library in Bratislava portal (interlibrary lending service portal and financial account balance) and the UKB catalogue.
  3. The user identification card is non-transferable.  A member of the service staff (lending room, study room or interlibrary lending service) has the right to request a citizen identification card, foreign national identification card, passport in the case of foreign nationals, and to check their identity.  The holder shall be responsible for any misuse of the user identification card.
  4. The user is required to report any loss of the user identification card to the Library immediately, else the user shall be liable for the consequences of its misuse.
  5. The user is required to notify the Library within 15 days of any change of name or residence, or issuance of a new citizen identification card.  If the Library is forced to ascertain this data itself, the user shall compensate the Library for any costs connected therewith.
  6. A legal entity and institution is required to notify the Library no later than 13 days of any change of its name, registered office, change of name of the worker appointed for contact with the Library, as well as other legal particulars.  The legal entity shall be liable for not communicating any of the listed changes, or for damages incurred thereby.
  7. In the case of reasonable suspicion of a crime or serious violation of the Library’s, the Library reserves the right to temporarily withhold and issued user identification card with valid registration.  The responsible library staff member shall decide whether to withhold a card.


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