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II. Library services

A r t i c l e 6

Library Services

  1. The Library provides the following types of services and activities:
    1. lending (off-site and on-site), interlibrary (national, international);
    2. advisory – consultation:
      • information on catalogues, collections and library services and using them;
      • consultation on using special information documents;
    3. Information:
      • location – information (in particular information from complete catalogues);
      • reference (bibliographic and factographic information);
      • research (one-off and continuous rendering of document lists according to specified requirements);
      • access to local and network data bases;
      • internet access;
    4. reprographic (making copies of documents from library collections);
    5. digitisation:  (express scanning of documents from the University Library in Bratislava collection,  EoD – eBook on demand; Scan&Go – self-service scanning, EDO – electronic document delivery);
    6. Other:
      • guided tours and lectures on the Library;
      • exhibitions and presentations;
      • publishing of leaflets on library services, catalogues and the Library collection;
      • library website;
      • cultural and educational events.

        For selected services the Library charges a fee according to the Service Fee List.

A r t i c l e 7

Reprographic and Other Copying Services

  1. Reprographic services pursuant to Act no. 84/2007 Coll. of 6 February 2007, amending Act no. 618/2003 Coll. on copyright and copyright -related rights (the Copyright Act) and on the amendment of certain acts are provided solely for scientific, study and cultural needs of users solely from documents of the Library collections, or from documents borrowed via the interlibrary lending service and international interlibrary lending service.
  2. In accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act, only parts of documents may be copied.
  3. When using the Library’s reprographic services, the user is required to follow the operator’s instructions. The Library shall decide whether to make copies from documents.  The Library may refuse to make copies:
    • if the condition of the Library unit does not allow this;
    • if the technical equipment is out of order;
    • if the requests exceed the capacity is of the workplace;
    • if the reproduction is in contravention of Slovak law;
    • if the documents are not from the University Library in Bratislava collection;
    • if they are not documents from collections arranged by the University Library in Bratislava;
    • if this service would in another serious way interfere with the Library’s activity.
  4. Copies of manuscripts, old and rare prints, as well as of historical documents, may be made only in protective mode upon written request.
  5. Bound periodicals from before 1953 may not be copied by self-service.
  6. A copying fee is charged according to the Service Fee List.

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