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Október 2008


  • Education for all by 2015. Will we make it? EFA global monitoring report 2008. Paris, UNESCO 2008.
  • Repertoire of the practice of the Security Council. Supplement 1989-1992. New York, United Nations 2007.
  • United Nations declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples. Geneva, Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights 2008.
  • World investment report 2008. Transnational corporations and the infrastructure challenge. New York, Geneva, UN Conference on Trade and Development 2008.
  • Economic development in Africa 2008. Export performance following trade liberalization: some patterns and policy perspectives. New York, Geneva, UNCTAD 2008.
  • Addressing the global food crisis. Key trade, investment and commodity policies in ensuring sustainable food security and alleviating poverty. New York, Geneva, UNCTAD 2008.
  • UNCTAD XII. Accra accord and the Accra declaration. New York, Geneva, UNCTAD 2008.
  • Implementing resolution 1540: the role of regional organizations. New York, Geneva, UN Institute for Disarmament Research 2008.


  • Trade and development report 2008. Commodity prices, capital flows and the financing of investment. New York, Geneva, UNCTAD 2008.
  • National accounts statistics: main aggregates and detailed tables 2006. Part 1. New York, United Nations 2008.
  • Forest products annual market review 2007-2008. New York, Geneva, UN Economic Commission for Europe, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN 2008.


  • Monthly bulletin of statistics. Iss. No. 1046, Vol. 62, No. 8, August 2008.
  • Women 2000 and beyond. Women, gender equality and sport. December 2007.


  • Education for all by 2015. Will we make it? EFA global monitoring report 2008. CD-ROM. Paris, UNESCO 2008.
  • Protokoly zo zasadnutí orgánov a agentúr OSN.

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