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Zoznam nových dokumentov za 3. štvrťrok 2016



The 2013 World Trade Organization agreement on trade facilitation: Israel´s obligations towards Palestinian trade. New York, Geneva 2015.


Heritage for peace and reconciliation. Safeguarding the underwater cultural heritage of the First World War.  Manual for teachers. Paris, UNESCO 2015.


Investor nationality: policy challenges. World Investment Report 2016.  New York, Geneva 2016.


Investor nationality: policy challenges.  Key messages and overview. World Investment Report 2016.  New York, Geneva 2016.


Promoting sustainable building materials and the implications on the use of wood in buildings. Geneva, United Nations 2016.


Delivering on a sustainable agenda. Geneva, United Nations 2016.


UNESCO priority gender equality action plan. Paris, UNESCO 2014.





Yearbook of the International Law Commission, 2010. Vol. 1. Part 2. Summary records of the mmetings of the 62-nd session. New York, Geneva, United Nations 2016.


Commission on Narcotic Drugs. Report of the 59-th session. Economic and social Council, official records, 2016, suppl. No.8.


Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. Report on the 25th session (11 December 2015 and 23-27  May 2016). Economic and Social Council, official records, 2016, suppl. No. 10. New York, United Nations 2016


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