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Info USA

The U.S. Information Agency in Washington (USIA) on the nomination of the information service at the U.S. Embassy (USIS) in 1996 donated to the University library in Bratislava (UKB) – and electronic library of American studies ProQuest. Donation of a complete CD-ROM equipment, compact discs and reference library (the actual ProQuest database is available only electronically) – the donations of books from the U.S. goverment (1230 titles in English in different types such as politics, economics, philosophy, literature, poetry and art) and a part of the fond Woodrow Wilson library in U.S. Embassy (1460 titles of monographs in English from the areas of policy, history, philosophy, economics, geography, literature, art and fiction). For the significant gift as much as possible to serve the reading public UKB has created a new reading room Centre for American studies in which readers should study the possibility of deeper problems in the U.S. and in the whole complex of questions.

The follow-on to the Center of American studies was the 19th January 2005 an agreement between the University library in Bratislava and the Division of Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Slovakia based information and cultural center of InfoUSA, whose aim is to disseminate information about the United States, their history, science, culture, population, legislation, political system, trade and addressing a wide range of Professional and general public interest in the subject and seeking information about the United States.

Opening hours are the same as the library opening hours.


Mgr. Daniela Kováčiková


telephone: +421 2 20466 251

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