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Open Access II.

Venturska street
2nd floor


  • bounded periodicals from library depository in-library use only,
  • bounded periodicals from reference library in-library use only,
  • ordinary volumes loan for reference use only,
  • accessing to periodicals in micrographic form,
  • accessing to micrographic documents,
  • reference services,
  • counseling and librarianship information,
  • reprographic services.

More that 1000 titles of ordinary periodicals volumes are displayed.
Titles and volumes that are not displayed can be ordered.
Bounded volumes of periodicals, that are in collection of library on microfilms are not available for loan.

Available to readers are:

  • name catalog for periodicals,
  • name catalog of monographical editions,
  • list of periodicals, that are taken by UKB,
  • list of periodicals in micrographic form.
 Content of reference library:
  • glossary, dictionaries, dictionary of foreign words,
  • special bibliography.

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