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Electronic Documents study room

Venturska street

1st floor



Phone number: 02 / 59 804 241


In study-room for electronic documents, access is open to:

  • catalogs and library databases
  • web information sources licensed by library
  • CD-ROM and DVD-ROM available from library collection, are included in electronic catalogue UKB
  • web information sources are free to access and view.

There are 36 workstations available in study-room, all computers have operating system Microsoft Windows 7,  working as net terminals connected to server.


Principles policies for using information sources in study room for electronic documents

  1. Information sources in study-room for electronic documents are available only to registered members of the library.
  2. Basic knowledge about computing and databases is expected.
  3. User can save his search results on  USB-key or send it to an e-mail.
  4. The information acquired may not be used for commercial purposes or be spread, copied, borrowed and distributed. User is obliged to respect the laws of Slovak republic (protection of data according to the Author Act and Act 256/1992 Coll. on personal data protection and Article 205 of the Penal Code).Information sources are used according to Library rules and its enclosing. It is forbidden to:
    1. a. copy or distribute parts of UKB operation system and installed applications and programs used by library
    1. b. take part in discussion group on internet.
    1. c. use cell phones inside of the study-room (as ordered by 4th article of library rules).
  5. User takes full responsibility for changing configuration of workstation, that might have impact on its further service or service of library, and is responsible for any damages caused by unqualified manipulation.
  6. Workstations number 29 and 36 are used only for work with databases and CD-ROM.
  7. Workstations may be operated only by consultants.


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