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Digital Library

The University Library in Bratislava Digital Library is an independent collection of library items in e-envinronment.

The Digital library provides access to periodicals, old prints, music works, manuscripts and monographies in a modern electronic way of an user-attractive layout. It´s easy and visually appealing tool for work with varied content.

The most essential features of the Digital library is bibliographic information of individual item and advanced search. The content of the library is categorized with added tags presented by faceted display or tree-like structure. User can mark items or their parts as favourite, make annotations and share them with specific person he can freely define himself. User and „his group“ can comment on the shared annotations and share annotations, collections, objects or specific parts of displayed objects over Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The Digital library software operates effective tools for selection of whole page or selected textual and graphical zones from the original scanned files, which can be copied and easily extracted into other software applications. Item pages can be displayed horizontally or vertically in recto or verso mode or rearranged in other way. 
The Digital library offers free access to items out of copyright for all users without restrictions via internet. Items protected by the copyright law are accessible for registered users from the library´s network only.

The ambit of the Digital library is made by textbooks for students (elementary and high school, university), encyclopaedias, dictionaries, handbooks, scientific publications, fiction, periodicals (daily papers, weekly papers, entertainment and political journals).
Among the most interesting works of the Digital library there are several  works of Commenius (Janua Linguarum Reserata and Orbis Pictus) and works of old Slovak great writers and personalities, as J. M. Hurban, A. Bernolak, M. Hattala, J. Palarik, J. Ribay and S. Tesedik. In the collection of 19-th and early 20-th century periodicals there are Pressburger Zeitung, Slovenske pohlady, Dom a skola, Domova pokladnica, Hlas, Deres, Prudy, periodicals from the first half of the 20-th century are Gemer-Malohont, Slovenska Pravda, Slovensky hlas, Narodna jednota, Pohronie. The period of the WWII is represented by Gardista, Slovak, Kulturny zivot, Sloboda, Novy svet and Elan. Works by Richard Strauss, E. Suchon and many song-books can be found in music works collection.

The Digital library contains the Bašagić's collection - a unique fund of islamic manuscripts and prints  comprising Arabic, Persian and Turkish works and rare Serbian and Croatian texts written in Arabic script. The Bašagić's collection contains, at the same time, unique manuscripts and essential works of medieval Islamic scholarly literature and belles-lettres, spanning the interval from 12th to 19th century. UNESCO has included the fund of Bašagić's collection in the Memory of the World Programme.

All items are OCR processed (except for manuscripts) what facilitates search through the content and hits are shown directly as overlaid highlights on images. It is also possible to search the content via metadata and advanced search options (complex search by related words, UDC, author, periodicity, corporation, format, tags and other fields) while searching results can be sorted according to various criteria or displayed in other way. 

The content of the Digital library is growing continuously. Actually it contains over 1,535,000 scanned pages.

You can explore the Digital library here.

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