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Rules and regulations for the usage of electronic information sources

The user binds himself, that he will respect the rules and regulations of using the electronic information sources made by the publisher.
It consits of the following rules and regulations:

  • the data is allowed to use solely for teaching, educational or scientific purposes and for personal use only.
  • it is not allowed to systematically and regularly download the entire contents of electronic information sources, or a substantial part of a particular copy, whole number of electronic journals.
  • the collected information is not allowed to use for commercial purposes, or for further reproduction, copy, distribute or otherwise reproduce or make available to third parties.
  • in the obtained materials is not permitted to remove, obscure or modify information about copyright, authorship and so on.
  • it is not permitted to provide the material obtained (directly or indirectly) to use in any paid service or for any other distribution (regardless of whether it is profitable / non-profit, fee or free).





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