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Licensed e-resources

Title Accessibility ULIB access remote access Detaily
Arcanum Digitheca Licensed Detaily
Archives Unbound: Post War Europe: Refugees, Exile and Resettlement, 1945-1950 Purchased Detaily
CEEOL - Central and Eastern European Online Library Licensed Detaily
CSBA - Český biografický archív a Slovenský biografický archív Purchased Detaily
Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart Licensed Detaily
eBook Public Library Collection (EBSCO) Licensed Detaily
Gale Artemis Literary Sources Licensed Detaily
Library Press Display Licensed Detaily
Licensed periodicals (Suweco) Licensed - Detaily
MediaINFO - digitálna knižnica ULIB database Detaily
Monitoring tlače 1994-2014 (press monitoring) ULIB database Detaily
Nationalsozialismus, Holocaust, Widerstand und Exil 1933-1945 Purchased Detaily
Oxford Music Online Licensed Detaily
SpringerLink National license Detaily
Tagesrapporte der Gestapoleitstelle Wien 1938-1945 Purchased Detaily
Ulrichsweb Licensed Detaily
World eBook Library Purchased Detaily
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