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Slovakia and NATO

On 29 March 2004 the Slovak Republic officially acceded to NATO after a process of transforming its security and defense policies which lasted over ten years.

The altered security situation in Europe after the end of the Cold War resulted in changing the strategic policy of the Alliance and adopting a new vision of collective security to strengthen stability and prosperity on the European Continent.

1994 - January - Brussels Summit adopted the concept of enlargement and transformation of relations to the new democratic states in Central and Eastern Europe under "Partnership for Peace " (PfP). Apart from Slovakia another 27 countries have been invited to join the initiative.

1994 - February - Slovak Prime Minister signed the PfP Framework Document in Brussels.

1994 - May - Slovakia submitted its PfP Presentation documents to NATO.

1997 - June - Alliance adopted a decision to strengthen political and military cooperation within the framework of "Strengthened Partnership" to increase involvement of partners in NATO operations and decision making.

2002 - November - Prague Summit decided to invite Slovakia together with six other Central European countries to start accession negotiations.

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