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NATO Summits

NATO Summit - a high level session of the Alliance represented by heads of state and prime ministers of member states.

2010 - November - Lisbon Summit - adopted a new Strategic Concept that will serve as the Alliance´s roadmap for the next ten years,  decided to develop new capabilities necessary to defend against modern threats such as ballistic missile and cyber attacks, launched the process by which Afghan security foreces will increasingly take the lead for security operations across the country starting early 2011, made a fresh start in relations with Russia.

2009 - April - Strasbourg-Kehl Summit -  decided to welcome Albania and Croatia as new members of the Alliance, stressed the need for a new NATO Strategic Concept defining the longterm goals of the Alliance, agreed with  France´s decision to fully participate in military structures of the Alliance, appointed Anders Fogh Rasmussen as the next Secretary General.

2008 - April - Bucharest Summit - invited Albania and Croatia to start accession talks, refused to offer Membership Action Plan to Georgia and Ukraine, declared the stabilisation of Afghanistan a priority of the Alliance, especially building up Afghan own armed forces and police

2006 - November - Riga Summit - set the priority of contributing to peace and stability in Afghanistan, declared NATO Response Force fully operational, offered partnership to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia

2004 - June - Istanbul Summit - adopted measures to strengthen partnerships, to expand operations and enhance operational capabilities

2002 - November - Prague Summit - decided about the second wave of enlargement inviting Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia to accede. The seven countries officially became members on 29 March 2004

1997 - July - Madrid Summit - invited Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland to accede to NATO. The ratification process ended up in 1999 when the three countries became full members

1994 - January - Brussels Summit - introduced the concept of NATO enlargement and the programme Partnership for Peace

1991 - November - Rome Summit - adopted a new strategic concept of transformation in the altered security situation in Europe

1990 - November - Paris Summit - member states of the Warsaw Pact and NATO signed a declaration to end up relations of hostility

1990 - June - London Summit - placed an offer to the Soviet Union and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe to set up full diplomatic ties and cooperation

1989 - May - Brussels Summit - acknowledged changes in the Soviet Union and presented an extensive programme of cooperation between the East and West










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