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NATO LibGuide

What is NATO LibGuides?

NATO LibGuides are web-based research guides that contain publicly available information from the Internet that have been handpicked by the NATO Multimedia Library staff. The LibGuides have been created for 37 topics that are of current interest to NATO's mission. They are by no means a comprehensive collection but provide a good starting point for your research.

What resources are available?

NATO LibGuides contain web articles, websites, reports, news, blogs, multimedia content and official documents that are publicly available on the Internet. In addition to these sources, a select number of journal articles and books available from the NATO Multimedia Library have been included in the LibGuides. The NATO LibGuides are constantly being updated with the most current information.

How do I access available resources?

Many of the collected resources are available to the public on the Internet. Articles from subscription based databases have been marked with "Available to NATO staff only" and require a subscription to EBSCOHost or other databases subscribed by the NATO Multimedia Library. If you are not a NATO staff member, please contact the NATO Library to find out how you can access these documents.


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