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AUSTRIAN LITERATURE ONLINE (ALO) - Austrian digital library Works. Contains a constantly replenishing of digitized documents relating to the history and culture of the Republic of Austria. (German language)

BIBLIOTEKA - literary and professional texts and translations of world literature in Russian language

*BOOKBINDING AND THE CONSERVATION OF BOOKS. A dictionary of Descriptive Terminology - Dictionary of descriptive terminology. Electronic version of the books that were published in the spring of 1994. Scanned and coverted the publication of the books in 1982. It is not a verbatim transcript of the original.

CROSS CURRENTS - A yearbook of central European culture. Yearbook of capturing the central European civilization history. Literature and politics based from the years 1982-1993. The reader can find selected works of writers like Karel Čapek, Bohumil Hrabal, Václav Havel, Milan Kundera, Eugene Lonesco, Karel Hynek etc. The texts are in English

CZECH AND SLOVAK LITERATURE RESOURCES - on the page of Jamesa Naughtona the reader can find in addition to literary texts and link to various resources for the Czech literature. (English language). 

CZECH LITERATURE NOW - online texts of the current Czech literature. (English language)

CZECH READING BOOK - the project makes available the full texts of works by Czech authors. (Czech language)

FREE BOOKS 4 DOCTORS!- freely available books from all areas of medicine in different languages. (English, French, Spanish and German)

LITERATURE.ORG - online library of English literature. (English language)

MEK. Magyar Elektronikus Könyvtár - archive of Hungarian text archives of web space. More information here. (Hungarian language)

MILLION BOOK PROJECT - internet archive project which captures the collection of books. An early collection of books from the Universal library project (publications from China and India). Not all books are memorized completly, but the authors ofr the project are working continously on the quality increasing of the archive. (English language)

ON-LINE BOOKS - English collection of freely available online text books with beautiful illustrations mainly from the "arts and crafts" period (years 1890-1920). 

ONLINE LIBRARY. CLASSICS - the project aims to create an online digital library of works in Slovak language - Slovak Classics, fairy tales, etc. (Slovak language)

THE ONLINE MEDIEVAL AND CLASSICAL LIBRARY - collection of some of the most important works of medieval and classic literature.

OPEN CONTENT ALLIANCE (OCA) - represents a joint effort of the cultural, technological, nonprofit and goverment organizations to help building a permanent archive of multilingual digitized text and multimedia files. The archive is not yet disclosed.

THE OPEN LIBRARY - site created by internet archive to demosntrate the possibilities of online book presentations. the vision is to create free access to important book collections from around the world.

PROJECT GUTENBERG - the oldest producer of books available (public domain) on the internet in the USA. Otside the U.S. the user must comply with copyright law according to the country laws. Gutenberg-DE, Gutenberg Europe, Gutenberg of

Australia or Project Runeberg have no connection with the Gutenberg US project. It is only a common idea of making texts freely available to the general public trough the internet. (English language)

PROJECT GUTENBERG EUROPE - is the successor to project Gutenbergs philosophy focusing primarly on digitization of Europe culture history, with regard to the European copyright laws.

PROJECT GUTENBERG OF AUSTRALIA -  is the successor to project Gutenbergs philosophy focusing primarly on digitization of Australian culture. (English language

PROJECT RUNEBERG - archive of free online books with Nordic (Scandinavian) litarature. (Eng, Swe )

PROJEKT GUTENBERG DE -  began in 1994 and developed the largest online collection of freely available literature in German language.

WIKISOURCE - a massive database containing the stories, technical literature and translations of texts in different languages. Serves as a multilingual dictionary  Wikipedia (slo, čes, ang, ger, fra, spa,...)

WORDTHEQUE - a massive database containing the stories, technical literature and translations of texts in different languages and serves as a multilingual dictionary.

WORLD PUBLIC LIBRARY - internet library service that combines freely and consortible (member) access to their collections. More then 75 000 e-books freely available. The online library was founded in 1996. The freely accessible section provides a wide variety of literature from around the world in PDF and HTML formats.

GOLD COLLECTION OF THE SME NEWSPAPER MAGAZINE - The goal of the project from the newspaper magazine SME, Institute of Slovak literature, University library in Bratislava and the Slovak National library is to digitize and publish online the best of the Slovak Republic literature, coordinate volunteers in the digitization of literary works (see Digitalizácia na Slovensku, Plán digitalizácie), to popularize the Slovak literature tradition and its easy access. (Slovak language)

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